Thursday, 21 July 2016

4 Steps To Hire Expert PHP Developers

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for website developer and interactive web applications. It is a very easy to use language and provides extended flexibility to developers. Organizations and businesses are always looking for new solutions to cut their overall operational cost and increase their profits. They usually find their solutions from the IT industry. Businesses need web solutions to create their online image and get the competitive edge against their competitors. These organizations usually hire PHP developer from offshore web development companies and get their solutions developed by them.

There are 4 normal steps to hire expert PHP developer

Experience: It is influential to understand that quality solutions need experienced resources that have gone through the same situations many times. The need for well experienced developers becomes unavoidable in situations where the project has huge needs or is very complex in nature. Try to get an exact idea of his knowledge and expertise in PHP.

Portfolio: It is good to have a look at the type of projects that the company has previously worked on. The quality of their projects and their performance will give you a good idea about their capabilities. Go through the completed projects and try to test whether the developers provided to you are good enough for your project or not.

Technical Expertise: Proper knowledge of various different web technologies is required to develop a really effective web solution. You need to make sure that the developers have proper knowledge of PHP as well as other influential web technologies. It is required that the developers are proficient in XHTML, HTML, AJAX, My SQL, Zend and CakePHP to efficient services.

Communications Skills: It has been observed that most of the projects fail due to poor communication between client and the service provider. It is your responsibility to check the communication skills of your development team in order to successfully fill in the project. Their fluency in English and level of comfort in verbal communication are required to be evaluated before hiring them

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