Monday, 15 June 2015

Website Designing vs Web Development

People do common mistakes while hiring web development companies. Common user assume that website designing is everything and so many of them are not aware of web development. They are very familiar with the word design and designing. Many website owner don't know the difference between web designing and web development. They assume both process are same, but its not. If website require some design to make its look better then you must have find a web designer, but on the other hand if your website need some modification on its codes than you should have to go for web development.

There are big differences between web design and web development. Web Designing is based on front end process, but web development is based on back-end process. Web desinging activity make website look good and attract more visitors. Development process help user to fast checkout, track users and more.

Web Designing – Web design is the process creating website look, feel and branding. It should be seen as body work of car. Designing includes company's logo, graphic and other important front end look.

Web Development – Development process is like building the engine of car. As without engine car cannot move same as without development a website cannot run. Web development often refers to data driven websites but also refers to other features such as email scripts. Web development add so many functionalities to website like shopping cart, registration system, database connectivity and more.

Web development doesn't require lot of design work from designer because their focus is only on development. Website shopping cart is the best example why developer doesn't require too much of design. A heavy website design can make shopping cart slow and this will affect website earning.

Website designer also don't require much of development. If they are creating a website based on photo gallery than they don't require development much.

Both website designer and development services are the pillar of website. Website can run on one pillar always require the second one.

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